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Cornell Alumni

Cornell Alumni Home Page -- Overarching alumni Web site with links to nearly everything you want to know about alumni services, classes, clubs, global programs etc.

Cornell Connect -- The on-line database and directory of Cornell alumni.  Use it... register yourself, keep your file up-to-date, and find your classmates!

Cornell Alumni Services -- Many services and information sources available to alumni.

Cornell Alumni Magazine -- The on-line edition of this great magazine, with an on-line archive.

Cornell Class of 1969

Cornell Alumni Magazine ' 69 Class column -- Send your news for publication

On-line Class Dues Payment -- Quick and easy! (secure connection)

Cornell University

Cornell University Home Page

The Cornell Campus Store -- Secure on-line shopping for Cornell memorabilia and more

Cornell Association of Class Officers -- CACO: The Cornell Association of Class Officers -- Resources for all your class activities.

CornellCast -- Video and audio by Cornell sources, from the academic to the entertaining.

CU Info -- Links, links, links, to many Cornell web sites!

Cornell Athletics -- The "Official Site of Cornell Athletics"

Cornell in New York City -- The new Big Thing... the Cornell NYC Tech Campus

Giving to Cornell

Giving to Cornell -- On-line gift giving opportunties (you knew we'd have that!)

Ithaca Information

Ithaca Visitors Bureau -- Extensive site for lodging, activities, attractions, more...

Ithaca weather -- If you're planning a visit, or live in the south and want to gloat in January!