Cornell Class of 1969

Special 1969 Info!

Class of '69 Scholarship -- New $$$ Rules!

More family members are eligible for the Class of 1969 Scholarship than we had ever imagined! 
Check out the details below, and pass the word on to the broad definition of your "progeny!"


Some years ago, our class established a scholarship fund to benefit the “progeny”, as defined below, of our classmates. Those who can benefit from the scholarship are defined in an agreement with Cornell and the eligibility criteria are broader than you might expect. What follows below is the exact definition of who is eligible taken from the agreement. We hope that you may find, after reading it, that someone in your family is eligible. We want to be sure that anyone that you know who is eligible and applying to Cornell lets Cornell know by following the instructions described below. Per our agreement with Cornell, if no progeny of our classmates receive the scholarship for ten consecutive years, then Cornell could make it a general scholarship fund without the preference for our class and we would like to avoid that.

Eligibility Criteria

“Payout from this fund provides scholarship support for undergraduate students who are progeny of members of the Class of 1969. The term “progeny” includes:

  1. the direct issue of class members and of the siblings of class members,

  2. individuals who have been formally adopted by class members or by the sibling of class members,

  3. the descendants of class members or the siblings of class members; provided that scholarship recipients meet the test of dependency on a class member, on the sibling of a class member or on the descendant of a class member or a sibling of a class member, as such test is defined from time to time by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.”

What Should Eligible Students Do?

Students who believe they may qualify for assistance from this scholarship fund should answer “yes” to the question of whether they are a Legacy that is included in the electronic questionnaire sent to them by the Office of Financial Aid when they apply for financial aid.

We hope that eligible “progeny” of our class will benefit from this fund!