Cornell Class of 1969

Do You Remember These?

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Were you there? Peter, Paul & Mary... Blood, Sweat & Tears... Chicago... Hair? You may recognize some concerts, as well as Cornell Football and Hockey. John Rees has saved his ticket stubs for more than 35 years, and now he's sharing them with us. Click on the image to get a large version.

Our last football game... Here's the program -- you may recognize some of the Seniors on the cover.

Even before arriving for Freshman Orientation, we probably knew at least the opening lines of the Alma Mater. But in all our years since, we probably never even heard verses three, four, five, and six! Well, here is the Complete Cornell Alma Mater!
Alma Mater

While we were still at Cornell, we had our Rings and Official Sweater

Our years at Cornell had their ups and downs,
leading us to sometimes hear this refrain:
"Sometimes you eat the Bear...
    ...and sometimes the Bear eats You."

Our 20th Reunion shirt
Our 25th Reunion: Sweater