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We are out there -- Class of '69 members have a presence on the Web. Here are some of our e-mail addresses, contact information, and personal and personal-company Web sites for you to surf through -- we've been leading some interesting lives!

Class members -- just tell the Webmaster, John Wilkens about your Web site address (URL) or e-mail address and other contact information which you would like listed here for the world to see. Information is posted on this page only at the request of the class members themselves.

You can also get Cornell-wide information from the University-run, alumni-access-only Cornell Connect, the on-line alumni directory. You are encouraged to make sure your University database information is up-to-date; this is totally separate from our class web site and is accessed through the link above.

Latest update:  October 25, 2020

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    Naomi Block -- see Naomi Block Esmon
    Charlotte Bruska -- see Charlotte Bruska Gardner
    Joe Cervasio
      -- News: Joe writes that "My book (a fiction entitled, Bad News on the Doorstep) was released on May 7. It can be viewed/ordered at www.authorhouse.com or also at 1-800-839-8640. I do send my key character to Cornell, but it's in the late fifties, a little bit before our time!
    Stan Chess
      -- E-mail: schess@lawtv.com
      -- Web site: www.lawschool.com
        A website by information-master Stan Chess: everything you ever wanted to know about law schools (including where Cornell's ranked).
    Rich Cohen
      -- E-mail: richcohen@rcn.com
        Rich Cohen is the President of Waverly Markets, LLC, and owns and operates ShopRite of Manchester, in Manchester, CT
    Arda Coyle -- see Arda Coyle Boucher
    Ellen Victoria Crockett
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    Katie Davis -- see Katie Davis Eddleston
    Kathy Douglass -- see Kathy Douglass Cragan
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    Christine [Tina] Economaki -- see Christine [Tina] Economaki Riedl
    Will Emmons
      -- Web site: www.emmons.org
        The Emmons Family homepage, a powerful group!
    Barbara Fuchs -- see Barbara (Fuchs) Turell
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    Martha Germanow -- see Martha (Germanow) Green
    Marianne Goodman
      -- E-mail: MGMD49@AOL.com
        Marianne is a physician living in New York City
    Peggy Greene -- see Peggy (Greene) Nicklin
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    Marcia Hessemer -- see Marcia (Hessemer) Page
    Charlotte Hildebrand -- see Charlotte Hildebrand Bernini
    Peggy Johnson -- see Margaret (Peggy Johnson) Nichols
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    Nancy Jenkins -- see Nancy Jenkins Krablin Class Officers page (Class Council).
    Knight Kiplinger
      -- Web site: www.Kiplinger.com
        Knight is Editor in Chief and Publisher of Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine.
    Sally Knowlton
    Sándor J. Kovács
      -- E-mail: sjk@howdy.wustl.edu
      -- Web site: cbl1.wustl.edu
        Sándor's Cardiovascular Biophysics Laboratory at the Washington University (St. Louis) School of Medicine -- some serious science here.
    Deborah Lull -- see Deborah (Lull) Brooks
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    Bill Marston
      -- E-mail: wjm10@cornell.edu
      -- Home: 209 S. 24th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103
        Bill spent 25 years in hospital design and master planning; he is now consulting on sustainable design and planning to institutional clients, architects and engineers.
    Dave Mason
      -- E-mail: dmason@butler.edu
      -- Web site: http://www.endoftheamericancentury.blogspot.com
        Dave has retired after 33 years teaching at Butler University and last month published a book about the declining fortunes of the U.S., entitled "The End of the American Century." Check out his website associated with the book, linked above.
    Lee Moseley -- see Lee Moseley Kleinman
    Rich Nalevanko
      -- E-mail: RMN4@cornell.edu
      -- Address: Flying Cloud Farm, 473 Hill Road, Alstead, NH 03602
    Cynthia [Cindy] Nixon -- see Cynthia (Cindy) Nixon DuBose
    Janson [Jay] Noyes III -- see Class Officers page (Cornell Fund Representative).
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    Marcia (Hessemer) Page
      -- E-mail: MarciaHPage@aol.com
        Living in UK as an art history teacher at American Boarding school, married with 3 children.
    Linda Pearce -- see Linda Pearce Kabelac
    Terry Peard
      -- Web site: www.iup.edu/~tpeard
        Terry Peard's personal homepage, with interesting information on his research interest: freshwater jellyfish.
    Leland Pillsbury -- see Class Officers page (Cornell Fund Representative).
    Phil Pollack
      -- E-mail: plpollack@comcast.net
      -- Address: 2941 Park Ridge Road Midlothian, VA 23113
      -- Phone: 804-320-6830
    Laurel Rathbun -- see Laurel Rathbun Hunt
    Christine [Tina] Economaki Riedl -- see Class Officers page (Class Correspondent).
    Michael [Mike] Clark Rowland, M.D.
      -- E-mail: mcrowland@embarqmail.com
        Retired from General Surgery but self-employed as a Sustainable mostly organic Farmer in the Sandhills of N.C.
    William "Bill" Rubenstein
      -- E-mail: wrubenstein@cogeco.ca
      -- Address: Oakville, Ontario
      -- Phone: 905-847-3955; i-phone: 289-242-5593
        I went to dental school and have been an Oral Surgeon for 40 years or so.
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    June Schlecker -- see June Schlecker Sinclair
    Sandra Schroeder -- see Sandra Schroeder Bricker
    Peter Schubert
      -- E-mail: SchubInv@aol.com
      -- Home: in Tiburon, California (on the Bay across from San Francisco)
    Ronni Schwartz -- see Ronni Schwartz Monsky
    Beth Shepard -- see Beth Meister
    Joyce Shorter -- see Joyce Shorter Brown
    Joan Sullivan -- see Joan Sullivan Genthe
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    *** Pamela Thurber -- see Pamela Thurber Duncan
    Donald Tofias
      -- E-mail: INFO@w-class.com
      -- Web site: www.w-class.com
        Don is President of the Padanaram Yacht Co., and this website tells and shows all about their magnificent W-Class yachts.
    Stephen Treadway -- see Class Officers page (Cornell Fund Representative).
    Don L. Verdiani
      -- E-mail: DLVerdiani@cs.com
        After completing his BS in Chemical Engineering in 1969, Don continued at Cornell to earn his Master of Engineering (Chemical) in 1970.
    Ellen Victoria -- see Ellen Victoria Crockett

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    Dexter Wang
      -- E-mail: dexterw@ssginc.com
      -- Web site: www.ssginc.com
        Dexter is Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of SSG, Inc., a maker of advanced space optical systems. "I recently hired a CEO so that I could get back to "technical" stuff and try to have more fun."
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